Financial Giving

An aspect of heading onto the mission field as a full time missionary is raising financial funds. In some cases, the financial funds raised are strictly so the missionary, much like a pastor in the States, can serve without the burden of having to also work a full time job.

In my case, it is this but, more importantly, it is because I will be going into the UK under a missionary-specific visa. This visa specifies that I can only do volunteer/charity work and not have a paying job.

Like every other part of our lives, the Lord has the monetary aspect of my ministry in His hands. From travel costs, personal needs, cost of living, etc, I am needing to raise about $1500 dollars a month, broken down as follows (this is just a rough estimate):

$700 - Cost of Living (lodging, food, transportation)
$200 - Personal and Ministry Expenses
$150 - Furlough and Travel Expenses (raised monthly, but used for flights home, etc)
$150 - Tithe
$300 - Administrative Costs, Taxes

If you feel led to give financially to my missional ministry, you can do so through Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators. You can follow this link to Shepherd Staff: Bennett, E to make an online donation or print and fill out this EFT form to set up monthly payments. You can also write a check (made payable to Shepherd's Staff) and mail it to: Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators, PO Box 53640, Albuquerque, NM 87153-3640. Please note, my missionary number is 1061 and must be referenced whenever a donation is made. All donations are tax deductible.

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