Sunday, April 11, 2010

the un’s of our faith

Unexpected. Unknown. Unplanned.

If I were asked this week what three words defined my life right now, it would be these.

I didn’t expect that to happen. I didn’t know things would turn out the way they did. I wasn’t planning on having things go that way.

Tonight, I know that God knows. I know that what I didn’t expect, God expected. What I didn’t know, God knew. What I didn’t plan, God planned.

He knows because He is all knowing. He is all encompassing in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom…and even when we question and doubt and wonder if He looked down on our predicament and think “wow, didn’t see that one coming, ok, lets roll with it and see what happens…”…He still knew.

His ways…higher.

His thoughts…greater.

His love…better.

He has comforted me and those around me time and time again over the past few weeks, days, and even hours, with the reminder that just because we didn’t expect it to happen…He did. Just because we didn’t know that it would turn out that way…He did. and Just because we didn’t plan on having things go differently that we wanted…He did.

And He loves us.

And He knows us.

And His grace is sufficient for us.

Oh, what a beautiful God we serve! May we seek to desire more of the Un’s in our faith that bring us to a deeper understanding of the One who knows, plans, and expects!

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Stacey said...

beautifully said!