Friday, June 11, 2010

what i’m doing when i get where i’m going

I have been thinking a lot about these verses in Matthew 6…

“But seek first the kingdom of God
and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you.
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about its own things.
Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”
Matthew 6:33-34

As I have been trying to make plans: in and out of relation to Scotland, the Lord has gently reminded me that that is NOT my job. My part of the bargain is to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.

I shouldn’t be worrying about  tomorrow.
Or the next day.
Or September.

On September 19th, as the Lord provides financially and directs spiritually, I fully intend on flying to Scotland. Once I get there, I know what I WANT to do, but I don’t know, nor has the Lord shown me, what He wants me to do.

Here is what I do know:

First, this trip is a two week (read: short term!) evangelism, outreach, and scouting trip. What does that mean? This means that the Lord has put it on my heart to bring His gospel and His salvation to His beloved in Scotland. He has also given me a desire to see how I, as just one person, could come up alongside His body of believers in Scotland: where is the need? how can it be fulfilled? what is my role in all of that?

One thing that I would love for you to come alongside me in prayer about is a certain outreach that the Lord has brought to my attention. There is a university in the middle of Glasgow that has what is called “Fresher Week” (think WOW week at Poly). This year, it is being held from September 20th through 24th and I am praying about coming alongside a Christian University Union in the evenings doing outreach and evangelism. Pray the Lord directs communication with this group as well as lays it on others hearts the desire to not only tell people that they are Christians but to also share the Gospel as the ONLY way to salvation.

Another opportunity that may arise is a chance to take a train to Edinburgh for a few days to meet the church body there as well as seek out some divine appointments the Lord may have for me. Pray that the Lord would first provide the additional funds for this as well as the direction on traveling alone or with another person during this time.

Second, this trip is one of obedience to the Lord’s calling and direction. He never told me that He would give me an hour by hour outline of my time there. He just told me to go. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m going.

As many of you know me fairly well, you know that underneath my craziness and spontaneity, I enjoy a good hearty schedule with a healthy side of time management and foresight. In this instance, every time I try to open the doors for that to happen, the Lord has firmly shut them. I am learning to not just be OK with this, but to thrive it it. Pray that the Lord’s overwhelming peace would surpass my desire to know and understand and that I would seek to merely please Him in my actions of trust and dependence on Him.

Third, this trip is for His glory. Regardless of what happens on this trip, it is submitted to Him. The Lord knows why He has beckoned me to meet Him there and what that means-for me and for those around me.

Whether that means Him breaking my heart and sending me back there for a longer stay or just simply going this once and coming back with more of a fervor to serve the Lord here in Morro Bay for a long time to come…I want to remain open and available for the Lord to use this vessel for His glory.

In the meantime, I am going to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness…and leave the rest up to Him! What able hands our Father in heaven has…I am so grateful to be able to cast all my cares upon Him.

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