Monday, August 1, 2011

21 days

a very trustworthy friend told me that it takes 21 straight days to make an action a habit. I can’t exactly tell you if the fact is true (I didn’t google it…but, I can tell you that I think she’s way smarter than google…so I trust her!) but I could tell you what went through my head…

  • 21 days of quiet times
  • 21 days of eating better
  • 21 days of cleaning my room
  • 21 days of making my bed
  • 21 days of sharing the Gospel with someone
  • 21 days of exercising
  • 21 days of showing one person God’s love in a tangible way

even if that isn’t true, it’s still quite motivating. 21 days is only three weeks. that’s less than a month. If the habit is something as silly as making a bed, that takes, what? 3 minutes on a bad day? That’s only 63 minutes that it would take for me to form a habit. instead of the 63 minutes it took me to do other things like…

  • 63 minutes to watch a TV show
  • 63 minutes of sleeping through my alarm
  • 63 minutes of walking through clothing shops
  • 63 minutes decorating my room
  • 63 minutes driving to the movies
  • 63 minutes primping and pampering
  • 63 minutes (plus lots) checking facebook

my actions are ready to speak louder than my words without any prodding from me. and they are shameful, at best. and I am reminded that in the Bible, it tells me that my body and my life are meant to be a sweet smelling offering to the Lord.

is that what I am?

or, do I just look before me and desire to be that sweet smelling aroma as I sit and enjoy idleness?

I’ll tell you in 21 days…

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mynameiscas said...

hey e- i like this post a lot. the part about making your bed... so relatable :) it's exciting to start actually being who we want to be instead of just wanting it sometime in the future. love ya!