Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I asked, God gave

Everything I Need…
author uknown

I asked for strength,
And God gave me difficulties to make me strong;

I asked for wisdom,
And God gave me problems to learn to solve;

I asked for prosperity,
And God gave me brain and brawn to work;

I asked for courage,
And God gave me dangers to overcome;

I asked for love,
And God gave me people to help;

I asked for favors,
And God gave me opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted – I received everything I needed.
My prayer has been answered!

Have you ever heard this poem? After the last month of my life, I can’t stop thinking about it. You see, it wasn’t too long ago that I was lying in bed and confessed to the Lord that I felt distant from Him. I asked Him to draw me closer to Him and bring me back to that place I knew I needed to be, but felt like I couldn’t get to on my own.

I asked God to draw me closer to Him…

Well, it wasn’t too long after that that I …
-lost my job (my means for monetary survival)
-my car broke down and needed a new transmission (my means for getting from place to place in my busy life)
-moved (my place to call home)
-gave myself a third degree burn whilst baking (an absolute favorite pastime and the thing I do when I’m overwhelmed to de-stress)

…and He distanced me from the many other idols in my life until there was just Him.

Enter the clever, sweet, gentle nudge from the Lord.

He got me to a place where my One and Only Constant was Him and then reminded me of that large (yet, at the time, seemingly insignificant) prayer.

Oh, how He loves me so.

to be continued…

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