Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scotland Update 6

I'm writing this in the midst of a "UK Heat Wave"...or, a beautiful winter day in California (it's 75F here right now).

We are currently enjoying some beautiful weather and I have been soaking up every minute of being outdoors and in the sunshine.

Rest assured, though, If you've emailed me in the past week or two and I haven't responded yet...it's not because I've been playing hooky in the sunshine. It is, however, because this past few weeks have been a blur of craziness and unexpected twists.

Please continue to pray for the adjustments/changes we are experiencing here. Pray for those who are now back in the states obtaining the proper visas and for their prompt return.

Also, I have started two separate discipleship relationships over the past two months. I will be sharing more with you about this in my newsletter I am currently writing. In the meantime, be praying for both of these relationships to go further, and for the prospect of new ones to come.

Social Media
As part of my day-to-day tasks, I have begun learning the social media for the church. This includes live-streaming the messages (you can watch here), helping with the video and audio during services, updating Facebook and Twitter...I've never considered myself a "techie" but, let me tell you, I am getting a crash course in these things! I am praising the Lord that I can fill these gaps, and praying He guides my steps and fingers as I learn more and more about these things!

Hazel was one of the first people that quickly became a friend when I first moved here. When I found the flat that I now live in, I was told that she lived just a few blocks away from me and we quickly met and started walking home from church together. This let to me being invited to her house...first to pick flowers for my living room, then eventually to stay for tea (my first true "tea" experience here in Scotland). Every time I leave Hazel's presence, I feel refreshed in the Lord. She has loved the Lord for most of her life (i think she's in her 60's) and always has a way of bringing the conversation back to Him.

A few weeks ago, Hazel's back (which has given her trouble for 20+ years), went out and she herniated a lower disc. She is home-bound for at least 4 more weeks and, as you can guess, she is hungry for fellowship and teachings. I bring her the recorded teachings each week and am able to sit and talk with her as well, but please keep her in your prayers: that she would physically heal as she finds spiritual comfort in the Lord.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayer for the Lord's ministry here in Scotland. Without your enthusiasm, encouragement, support, and prayers, none of this could happen. I am forever grateful and thankful for you all!

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