Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Plea

Lord teach me to walk with the bold confidence which only comes from trusting you completely, that I may not stumble or falter in the path you have laid before me.

Train me to know your Word as well as I can draw breath into my lungs. 

Show me how to love others with the ease of a smile and the grip of a hug. 

Grow me as a plant that has roots running deep and near streams of living water that my blossoms of life may be fragrant and my branches may be fruitful.

Challenge me to daily discipline and training, that I may step ever closer to the goal and finish line you have set before me.

Let me find you every day in a new way, that I may always be joyful in the new discoveries of who You are.

Turn the light of understanding on when I am feeling swallowed in dark confusion, that the darkness would scatter and the knowledge of your wisdom and presence might embrace me.

Drive into my remembrance the testimonies of saints around me, that I would be able to rejoice not only in Your growth in my life, but in the way you have brought others into True Life as well. 

As I pour out my thoughts, keep them. As I lay down my fears, relinquish them. As I confess my dreams, take hold of them. 

You are my Teacher, my Trainer, my Revealer, my Strengthener, my Light, my Lord. 

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