Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Pattern Worth Nurturing: A Small Musing

In case anyone didn't know...I am a character of structure and pattern. I enjoy having a schedule, knowing what my day is going to look like, and planning out my weeks.

What I have found, however, is that over the time I have been here in Alness, I have joyfully developed a pattern of being unstructured--something that is very stretching (and healthy!) for me.

I struggled with it at first. Not having a schedule, to me, meant "free time" and too often in the first month I was here, that translated into time wasted.

But I quickly discovered the beauty of this available time. I wasn't given the blessing of "free" time to do whatever I wanted, I was given it to be able to hear the Lord stronger, and hear myself less.
I was given it to be able to spend more time with Him, and less time with an appointment book
I was given it to be available for His plan, and not try to consume my day with my own plan.

Like I said, it was stretching. It went against so much of who I am. But, I am so thankful that He found me worthy to be grown in this way! I have been able to be more available for ministries that come up naturally and suddenly, have been able to experience more "organic" relationships and ministry.

Most importantly, I have recognised that the only pattern that is of the utmost importance is nurturing my relationship with the Lord by studying His word and spending time with Him daily. 

Do you find yourself consumed with a pattern or schedule? Is it putting your relationship with Christ, and your availability to be used by Him, second to making sure "everything is in order"? If you're like me and can relate to this, what verses do you use as a reminder to place Christ first?

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