Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello, me.

Sometimes, I forget I have a blog and, thus, it gets neglected.. Other times, I remember and can’t comprehend adding another task to my already busy schedule and, so, it again is neglected. Still more times, I remember I have a blog and can’t figure out how to put into words the things the Lord is showing me in a way that will bring the most glory to Him.

Sometimes, when I remember I have a blog, and want to write something – and even have something to write about – my vanity gets the worst of me. It’s these times that I ignore the nudging of the Holy Spirit and curl into the ‘comfort’ of Self.

I can’t write well. I can’t be witty. No one will read it. I don’t have pictures to accompany my musings. What I say isn’t really worth it, or necessary, or as edifying as it can be. …And that is where I sit. Alone with myself and unwilling to rebuke the selfish spirit that has wedged its way into my heart.

But then the worst times? Those are the times that I am prompted to share with you all something amazing…and I do. I stop and take time to write out my thoughts, my encouragements, my exhortations. I weave silly jokes into it, use a few metaphors, add pretty fluff…until it comes out completely wrapped in a shell of flesh. One that is so convincing on the surface, yet all honor and glory meant for the Lord are stopped with that shield of pride.

Those times are the worst.

Hello, me. Thank you for making your presence known. Now I can call you out from your dark hiding place and send you on your way. You’re not wanted here, please leave.


So when you read something on here that doesn’t quite line up with the Word of God, call it out.

When you see something on here that honors me before the Lord, speak up.

When you don’t see something on here and wonder where I’ve gone, pray and praise the Lord, for it is in those times His Spirit keeps my flesh from speaking out.

And when something brings your face, thoughts, eyes, and heart towards the Lord…and when you are encouraged, comforted, exhorted, or just left in awe of Him…

He’s the only one that needs to know about it. Because He’s the one that wants to sit and spend time with you anyways. And He’s the one that I care about honoring and pointing to.

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