Monday, April 1, 2013

Scotland Update 1

Hi everyone! 

God is so good! I hope your Easter was blessed and that you were encouraged. He is truly Risen and indeed, He is Risen!! 

Last Week
Last week was so much fun getting acclimated to the culture, seeing familiar (and not as familiar sites) and spending time in fellowship at two different churches (Motherwell and Calvary Glasgow City Chapel). Katie and I enjoyed Passover with Motherwell Fellowship as well as a BBQ to say goodbye to one of the missionaries who's been here since last September and is heading home in a week. 

Katie left early on Easter Sunday and I am now settled in at Elain's house and looking forward to a new week! 

Happy Easter!
Easter Sunday was yesterday and it was full of new experiences and old traditions. Singing hymns as a church as beautiful as Motherwell is, praising Him for what He did on the cross and for conquering death 3 days later by rising out of the grave...I just love celebrating the resurrection of our Lord! After church, we headed to Elain's son and daughter-in-laws house to color eggs and roll them down a hill. The egg going down the hill symbolizes the rolling away of the stone from the grave, thus showing that Jesus is alive. Do any of you share in this tradition?? It was brand new to me...and in a way redeemed the whole "coloring eggs" thing...but it was still such a foreign concept, I am trying to wrap my head around it!

Today is called Easter Monday and is considered a "bank holiday." Basically, this means everyone is off work. So...Elain, Nicola (her daughter), Alex, Sam (missionaries) and I went on a "wee lil' adventure" to a place called Glentress Forest to go on a hike and walk around the town next to it (Peebles). You can see photos of the trip on my Facebook page or myInstagram page. It was a quintessential picture of a Scottish village...the kind I am sure you all think of when you imagine Scotland in your head. We even walked through a sheep's pasture...and found a football (soccer ball) to play with. It was comically perfect. =) 

Coming Up Next
Tomorrow I start at the church. I am looking forward to sitting down with Pastor David to talk through His vision for my time here. From talking with the other missionaries, I have been able to hear what they've been doing and some of their vision, as well as the ministries that are starting up (like a Sunday night Kid's Club next week...can't wait!). I feel like the Lord is already giving me some burdens and clarity, but I am still praying through them and waiting on His perfect timing. 

How are YOU doing?
Again, thank you so much for reading this!! As I have said before, I would love to hear from you. If you have a moment this week, I would love to know a bit of how you spend your Easter holiday! 

Praises and Prayers

  • For a blessed time with Katie and fun site seeing
  • For the fellowship I've already had here
  • For the joy of remembering the Lord's resurrection and first and only reason of why I am here in Scotland: to share His love and salvation with those I come in contact with,
  • For His financial provision this first month!
  • For my transition in the church and the 2 other missionaries already here. That the Lord would allow the new dynamic (with me coming in) to honor Him.
  • For His direction in where He wants me to serve. 
  • For the ministry the Lord will have me in: that I would stay still before HIm and obedient to His callings. 
  • My health: I meant to ask for this last back tends to be...well...high maintenance and I would just ask that you would pray that I would be able to sleep well and that my back would get the needed support and rest it needs. Or, that God would heal it completely! =D 

Erika Bennett

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