Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Becoming Real


For the ladies in my life...I just want to thank you. I read this blog post (link above) and needed to share it. This one in particular resounded with me. I am thinking of so many women right now who have let me be real with them. Open up. Trust. Cry. Laugh.

Sandra: you will always be the one who is so sensitive to the Lord that I will never be able to hide what I am truly feeling: the Lord will use you to bring it out and lay it down.

Trista: you have a way of listening and caring that I hope I am able to portray to others around me. You feel so deeply and your interactions are so genuine.

Katie: the silent listener. Sometimes I think I have verbally puked on you one-too-many times. But even in the times when the communication hasn't been the greatest...I somehow knew you would always be there to listen.

Then there is Suzanne and Sarah Lush and Bethany and Robin and Tobi and Niki and Jinell and....as the list gets bigger, the more I realize how sweetly blessed I am to have women who LOVE the Lord in such a sweetly surrendered way that they are able to open their arms to a friend and sister and just hold on.

It overwhelms me just a little to truly sit and think of how much the Lord's love exudes from those around me. As it overflows from the Spirit within them, I can't help but be in the path of it's penetration. I can't resist the way the Lord chooses to love me through those around me who

Sometimes words aren't enough. But, since words are what I have right now...thank you.

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