Monday, March 1, 2010

What I know…

There are moments when I sit and strive to think past what the Lord is showing me and understand it on some “higher” level.

In other words, sometimes I try to look past the sweetly quiet voice of my Lord: the One who encapsulates all wisdom, love, and understanding so that I can explain what I want to know in my own words and feel like I have succeeded something in my own strength.

What a crying shame that I, in my flesh, think that my words will be better than His.

The Lord tells us that His thoughts are higher than ours…the way that heaven is higher than the earth. Earth will NEVER be higher than heaven. It’s a common sense thought but…not necessarily one I am always willing to grasp. Because, if I admit that the earth will never be higher than the heavens, then I am admitting defeat.

Earth will never be heaven.

The heavens, by definition, speaks of a space above and surrounding the earth. Earth, by definition, speaks of a firmament that is encapsulated by the heavens.

Earth does not equal heaven. Heaven does not equal earth. Heaven and earth, by definition will


My thoughts do not equal God’s thoughts. God’s ways will never equal my ways. My thoughts and ways will, by definition, never equal God’s thoughts and ways.

But God’s ways will always be better than my ways. God’s thoughts will always encapsulate this broke sinner and His ways will always be greater for me than the ways that I choose.

As I admit defeat, I am laying down my ways, my thoughts, my plans, my life…I am admitting that MY thoughts are NOT His thoughts, and praising Him for it. I am submitting to the truth that MY ways are NOT His ways, and praising Him for it.


My voice…my thoughts…my ways…are quieted in the presence of His still small voice showing me that He knows the plans that He has for me. If only i could sit…quietly…enough to hear His thoughts. Lord, I so desperately want to hear Your thoughts…

“You will show me the path of life…” Psalm 16:11

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