Friday, February 12, 2010

Dancing, Rhythm, and

I went to a dance performance a few weeks ago and I may have already joked with you about some of the different performance moves I saw...but...let me tell you...these dancers were amazing. They did things with their bodies that I know takes discipline and strength and focus and diligence...many things that I lack in my life.

I keep thinking about the process that led to their performance, though, and wanted to share it...

Many months previous to this performance, they walked into a room and didn't expect to come out for hours. After, say, 5 hours of practice...they had about 5 minutes of a routine memorized that they were expected to remember the next time they walked into this room.

Repeat. Probably atleast 2...3....5 times a week for 2...3....5 more months. Think about all the time they spent memorizing their "roles" each of 20 (an estimate) dances...think of the bruises and tears and frustrations they had to endure through it all. Think of the excitement and joy and feeling of success when they finally "landed" that move...

I can't even begin to fathom the thoughts of each of the choreographers, either. The way they have to take a concept and add moves to it and set it to a song that will also portray the mood and feeling of whatever it is they want to get across to the audience. Then to see it in their minds and have to somehow explain it to 5 or 20 more people and work with them until it seems to look the way it was thought of...?

I, obviously, am not a dancer. I have never had to go through those hours of practice. I've never actually choreographed a dance (well...ok...i helped choreograph a DRIME once...) or performed in a dance show like this or...done what these dancer did.

But I do live a life choreographed by an Amazing Artist.

I wake up every morning and am asked to come to the practice room of my Lord. And, sometimes, I choose to go to practice and learn routines...I get into His word, I fellowship, I attend bible studies, I go to church, I sit and worship my Savior...knowing that the more I do it, the more discipline, understanding, wisdom, strength I will receive...and the easier it will be next time...and the greater the "performance" will be when the time comes.

And, also like those dancers, I've had the spiritual bruises and the tears. I've rejoiced and been excited over the times that I have overcome an obstacle or seen another overcome an obstacle. I've performed with multiple other "dancers" in my life...

The choreography is different every time. The dances all portray a different concept, thought, character...of the Choreographer. As believers, we are called to show up to practice and to be ready for those times He is calling us to be His dance the dances that He teaches allow for His concepts to be shown through our lives.

The dancers I watched that night put SO MUCH effort and SO MUCH time...heart...soul...into a performance that lasted 2 hours. I would imagine their practices were hours long for months before it and it took years and years of manipulating, strengthening, chastening, and challenging their body and mind to do the things that they sought to perform that night.

And their performance ended. And I couldnt tell you a single one of their names. And i couldn't tell you who any of the choreographers were...or what most of the dances meant.

And then I think about my life and how it so easily can resemble a performance like that. Only...I know that if I put in half as much effort and time and heart and soul in my performances and they did theirs...the performance that would result could be life changing. And people who see my dance will remember not my name but the Name of the One who showed me the moves...the One who is to be remembered.

As we dance through our life, may we seek to listen to the Choreographer and hear His concepts...His character...His themes. May we seek to dance in a way that truly and honestly depicts the One who showed us the moves. The One who performed it before us. The One who gave us every step and will assist us throughout it all.

May we seek to be in His practice room daily, that we may build enduring trust, strengthen the muscles of faith, gain the discipline needed...

...and in the end, our performance will only matter to an audience of One who is already our greatest Fan.

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