Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let Glasgow Flourish…


This is the motto of Glasgow, as you can see in the photo I took above (these are on many of the bus stops, etc. around town). But, as I learned this week, the true and full motto is this: “Let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of Thy Word and the praise of Thy Name.” What a beautiful reminder to the believers here in Glasgow!! (**keep this in mind as you scroll through the rest of the blog. especially when you see the pictures of an art exhibit i found).

The believers here are being nourished and are growing in the Lord. They are truly desiring the Lord to go forth in this city and I can see the Lord working through them. The CU strongly steps forth in evangelism and getting the Lord’s name out and also very strongly encourages each person that is involved to also be involved in their home church as well. The beautiful thing is the way they are a family. I see them serving together and serving each other and I am so encouraged by the amount of churches represented in the CU that come together under one banner to preach ONE Jesus and ONE Gospel every week.

DSC01320 DSC01292 DSC01305



My time in Glasgow has come to a stop and I am now starting a new week in a town called Motherwell just about 20 minutes out of Glasgow. I hope to help out with one more Toasty Bar (thats a really odd name for us americans that just means a place where they hand out free grilled cheese sandwiches) and enjoy the fellowship of so many awesome brothers a sisters one last time.


This is a banner that the Lord prompted Amy to put up one day to promote a thing called “Alpha Course” that the CU is putting on. It is basically a study of the basics of Christianity that begins with asking people what they think the meaning of life is. We definitely got some “worldly” answers…as well as some guys who thought they were funny…but in the end, it prompted some really awesome conversations about the True Meaning of life…Jesus Christ!


I was blessed to be able to go to a museum in Glasgow called Kelvin Grove (I think). It was beautiful and the organ you can see in this picture was in the main hall. The Lord orchestrated it so brilliantly that I was there when a gentleman did a small concert on it…what an amazing noise it was!!!


Walking into the oldest Cathedral in Scotland, there was a beautiful stand with a rather large bible on it. What a reminder that He exists not in buildings but in our hearts. This building (below) was beautiful but lifeless and the Lord knew I needed that reminder of Who our Great Shepherd is.



This is the front of Toasty Bar. You can see to the left and in the center the white t-shirts we all wear in order to keep a safe and prayerful eye out for each other. This is the “queue” to the right that was always pretty full from 11pm until we run out of toasties.

DSC01308My favorite lunch so far…it was from a place called MYO: Make Your Own where you can make your own jacket (baked potato), toasty (grilled sando), salad, sandwich, or pizza. Also, FYI: if you want a drip coffee here, you ask for a FILTERED coffee, and apparently…drinking sparkling water is just as weird in Scotland as it is in America. And here I thought I would fit it…

Below are three pictures from an exhibit in the Gallery of Modern Arts. This museum (all museums in Glasgow are free, by the way) is in the center of Glasgow and has exhibits of very influential artists. These three pictures are from one exhibit that was a response to another, more popular, exhibit downstairs. The one downstairs is a depiction of today’s youth and very clearly struck my heart. To see the video camera scan so deliberately across a line of youth and watch their reaction to each other, the camera, and to life around them in general truly struck a chord in my heart. The Lord allowed me a glimpse into the emptiness that life is without Him and my heart broke for these kids of “tomorrow” (as the exhibit was called). Below are some responses done by Glaswegian pre-teens and teenagers.

DSC01317DSC01315  DSC01314

Please keep Glasgow in your prayers. Pray specifically for the youth and Uni students and for salvation from the trapped and lost world they are in.

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