Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh, how beautiful are the feet of His saints!!

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Lord, you are so good to me. I praise You for the loving and warm reminder of the things you are doing all around the world. From my friends in South Africa…

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And all that the Lord is doing with them there to those here in Edinburgh. From those that the Lord has sent to spread the gospel from here to {Sierra Leone, Liberia, Papua New Guinea} and from {Japan, Korea, Germany, America} to here. Your Gospel is going forth. How truly beautiful are the feet of those who are preaching Good News as it says in Romans 10.

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Father, I am reminded of a simple song that the kids in Africa used to sing: “all over the world, the Lord is moving. He met a blind man, and He sent him free (and He set him free). I remember today, the Lord was moving…” And, my sweet and precious Jesus, You moved and are moving here today. I praise You for giving me eyes to see your work going forth all over this beautiful country and beyond!


And, today, of all days, Father, You were here, meeting me. You took me on a beautiful date today—our day together—and let Your Spirit guide me all over. You even blessed me with some familiar faces and places…because You know just what will make me smile.

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And, most importantly, Lord, You were here. You were with me, among my thoughts, words, and sights. You were guiding me and showing me just how great a God I serve.

Thank you for this beautiful day here in Edinburgh. I look forward to what You have in store for me in Glasgow. Praise You forever, Jesus. I love you,


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