Tuesday, November 16, 2010

flexibility is my friend.

Those in my life know that I can be a pretty stubborn person.

They also know that I don’t do well with sudden change…that I am not in control of.

But when it comes to those around me in need of some quality fellowship…I hope I am known as the friend that will drop everything to be there.

And I would, once again, like to welcome flexibility to be a part of my life…one of my inner circle friends…and to always keep me bending so that I will not break.

Because it is in those moments of being flexible that I am out of control of the situation…and HE is in complete control. Those are the times I am at my best: where I have decreased that He may increase.

Dear Father, become more and more. I ask You to make me less and less. Mold me, bend me, break me…to be more like you: flexible. Amen.

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