Friday, November 19, 2010

Sometimes it requires less…

Sometimes, the Lord loves me enough that He has to break my legs to get me to remain where I am…in His arms.

Sometimes, He has to remove things from my life because He loves me enough that He doesn’t want those things fighting for my attention.

Sometimes, I don’t like the process and I want to keep walking on my broken legs or looking for those removed items.

Sometimes, it hurts.


My friend told me this today: “Erika, He loves you and that’s why. That’s all you need to know. You can struggle or you can surrender. You can hate it or you can enjoy it. Regardless, you’re in a good place right now and He’s not done…”

Thanks, friend, I needed to hear that.

She also told me that being and resting in the Lord is often harder than doing and acting for the Lord.

It requires time, patience, vulnerability, focus. It requires a dying of my natural tendencies to be around people.

It requires me.

And it starts with knowing that He loves me enough to want to spend that time with me.

Just me. And Him.

Wow, what love.

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