Sunday, November 28, 2010


Before writing posts each day, I stop and ask myself “how has the Lord shown me His love today?” Many days, specific things come to mind. Many times it has to do with the people He has brought into my life, with an unexpected blessing of the day, with a lesson taught or a lesson learned…He is always blatantly showing me His love.

But, what about those days when I am mostly just me-focused and striving to get through the day? What about those days when it’s all I can do to not think about hitting the pillow at the end of the day, forgetting my quiet time? Or, the days where all my focus goes into filling hours or minutes up with unnecessary movies, TV, music, or reading?

Yea…yesterday was kind of like that. I stopped at the end of the day and realized just how self-focused and non-God-centered I really was. I worked all day—but was I doing it for the Lord? I even dressed up in order to instill some “holiday cheer” into our day-after-Christmas work environment—but did I do that to honor the Lord? I made two batches of cookies last night—but was it to please man or God? I had a smile on my face, a skip in my step, and a joke on my tongue all day—but again, I ask: did I smile because I knew the Lord? Did I skip knowing how much He loved me? Was my attitude one of jovial bliss because He showed Himself to me?

Or, was I smiling because it is expected? Did I skip to bring focus to myself? Did I cook and clean and wear a silly outfit to please those around me? Was I working out of obligation? Did I maintain a good attitude merely to be a good example?

When my day is me-centered first, others-centered second, and Christ-centered third it is an awful lot harder for His love to ring out loud, true, and clear.

Which is why you didn’t get a post yesterday.

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